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Sign in. Login with Facebook. Forget password? Numerology personal year number changes aren't a sudden break from one number to another. It's a gradual transition.

The energy represented by the old personal year number begins to wane in November sometimes earlier while the new personal year energy gradually grows. Generally, the new personal year number is fully effective by mid-January, but sometimes a bit later.

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See Numerology Personal Year Number for more about this. Note also that the transition from one number to another may be somewhat disorienting, depending on what numbers are being transitioned from and transitioned to. Share this with your friends and followers.

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What's Your Lucky Number? Like in Western culture, each number has their unique meaning in Chinese culture. Some are thought to be auspicious and some are inauspicious according to the pronunciation of the number and the similarity of it with another word. The Most Auspicious Numbers: 6, 8, 9: Six, eight and nine are regarded as the luckiest numbers in China. All of their homophones have auspicious meanings.

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The number 6 pronounced as 'Liu' means smooth and well-off. So when choosing telephone numbers, people like more number 6s in it. In Chinese culture, it is associated with the Emperor of China. You can see the Emperor's robes have nine dragons and the Beijing Forbidden City has totally 9, and a half rooms. For lovers, 99, , or roses are usually sent to present the eternal love.

So when mention the number 4, the Chinese people usually associate it with death.

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Another inauspicious number is seven which have the meaning of gone. So in daily life, Chinese people usually avoid to use the number. You can see that when Chinese people choose a number for their telephone, 4 and 7 are most disliked by them. Meanings for Other Numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 Zero - Means everything or nothing. It is limitless.